Monday, June 6, 2011

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The next Vancouver SDA meeting will be at the home of Ros Aylmer in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver on Tuesday, June 14th starting at 7pm. If you need driving instructions please email Jennifer. This will be our annual pre-summer potluck event. There won't be a special presentation - this is meant to be a very informal, social event - but do please bring your latest work, newest book acquisitions etc, for show-and-tell. 

The next Sunshine Coast meeting will be at FibreWorks Gallery in Pender Harbour, so that we can view the exhibition of work by Anna Hergert - Wed, Sept 7th, 2011, starting at 11am. There will be a potluck lunch.

The image below shows the celebrations last week at the The Silk Weaving Studio. Diana Sanderson was celebrating 25 years on Granville Island. Be sure to see the show there at 1531 Johnston St., Granville Island, Vancouver (on the waterfront next to the Sandbar Restaurant). 604.687.7455, Website.

Pictured are (from left to right): Julia Manitius, Rene Corder Evans, Michelle Sirois-Silver, Kate Barber, Jo Skinner, Diana Sanderson, Anne Marie Andrishak, Hanna Haapasalo, Bonnie Adie and Monica Brammer. There were LOTS of other people there but I thought I did well to corral this many into one picture!

The exhibition at CraftHouse Gallery on Granville Island (also a 25th anniversary show) is worth seeing as well. Alas, I forgot to take out my camera there. 
1386 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 3R8; tel: (604) 687-6511 

The Fall 2011 issue of Surface Design journal will focus on Canada - so if you are not a subscriber you might want to make a point of finding a copy somewhere.

It looks like BC will be represented at the SDA conference this week mainly by people from 'the islands.' Do be sure to attend the opening receptions for these two shows: 
Jane Kenyon’s Transformations and 
Vernal Borgren-Swift’s In the Garden. 
No doubt the rest of us will see these in Surface Design Journal articles eventually. To the right is the invite for Jane's show - her work is shown in the middle image.