Sunday, October 13, 2013

Exhibitions in BC

SDA BC website - click here

Canadian SDA exhibition for 2015 - there have been some changes to the plans for this exhibition. Thanks very much if you expressed interest in participating - the response has been very enthusiastic. We will be updating you asap.

Ongoing and upcoming in BC
Great show now on - the owner of the Silk Weaving Studio, Diana Sanderson, is an BC SDA member.

Anni Hunt has produced a video of an interview with Eleanor Hannan, whom many of you know either as an artist, friend or teacher. Click here.

As many of you know, Thomas Roach and Sheila Wex gave a presentation last month at the Vancouver SDA meeting, about the Common Threads project. Some of you may be interested in following the progress of that project - check this blog for lots of pics and information. We in the Lower Mainland will have a chance to see the completed masterpieces hanging in the Cathedral, in due course.

Exhibition of work by Elin Noble at FibreWorks Gallery in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast. 
October 5-17, 2013
Website of gallery: click here
Elin's website: click here

Award-winning artist, author, and teacher Elin Noble was inspired to create Vox Stellarum by the 18th century prints of German theologian Jakob Scheucher, who believed science and sacred scriptures were not mutually exclusive. For the series, Noble utilizes the itajime clamp-resist process of folding and clamping the silk organza, then selectively removing the sericin (silk gum). The result: an exquisite interplay between transparency and opaqueness, and a subtle shifting of moiré patterns when pieces are hung together and the cloth gently moves.
“I seek to fill the room with the transformative qualities of cloth in space.” – Elin Noble

Friday, August 30, 2013

Canadian SDA exhibition

SDA BC website - click here



Call for Expressions of Interest

Several Canadian SDA members who attended the 2013 SDA Conference in San Antonio have been exploring opportunities to mount this exhibition in a number of venues – at the SDA conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 2015, at the Newfoundland and Labrador Fibre Arts Conference in Gros Morne National Park,.October 2015, and elsewhere. When we have confirmed venues, a Call for Entry will be sent out by email in 2014, and posted on relevant websites and blogs. 

At this time we need you to email your expressions of interest by November 1, 2013, with your name, address, phone number and email address to: Melanie Siegel


Boundaries, borders and edges...
To what extent is a country defined by its the choices and placement of edges?
Whether political, historical, psychological and/or geographical, our comprehension and expression of these points of delineation represent integral pats of who we are, both as individuals and collectively.
Be it selvedge to selvedge, raw edge or treated, our textiles have unavoidable beginnings and endings. How these are handled can be as varied as the makers themselves.
We welcome your rich interpretation of this concept in presenting a diverse Canadian perspective on our boundaries.

All Canadian members of the Surface Design Association are invited to participate. Artists must be current members of the Surface Design Association as of January 2015, and resident in Canada.
All work is to be created as a two-dimensional 16x28 inch rectangle format, to be hung vertically.
The top of the work will be required to have a “sleeve” for hanging purposes.  The sleeve should measure two inches, in which a flat metal rod will be inserted, and should stop ½-3/4” short of the side edges so that the rod will not show on the front. The top edge of the sleeve should be placed one to two inches from the top of the work.
Label sewn on the back indicating artist’s name, mailing address, materials, techniques.
All work must be finished to a professional standard and be ready for hanging as per the parameters stated above. 
The work should best represent your current practice, be it experimental or signature style, and speak to the theme expressed above.
The gallery director or curator will have final say regarding which pieces will be exhibited. We expect there may be a requirement to send digital images, bios and artist statements to the galleries ahead of time.
Details about venues, with shipping instructions, etc, will be provided in 2014.

Please email your expressions of interest by November 1st, 2013, with your name, address, phone number and email address to: Melanie Siegel
If you would like to volunteer to help with either the travelling exhibition or with the 
Vancouver-area show, please email Jennifer Love.
Newfoundland and Labrador Fibre Arts conference: website 
SDA 2013 Conference exhibitions in San Antonio: website 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Talking Heads: The Workshop at Cityscape Gallery

Click on images for a larger view.
SDA BC website - click here

Following is a description of the recent workshop held in conjunction with the SDA BC exhibition Talking Heads, which is still on at Cityscape Gallery in North Vancouver. This was written by Brigitte Rice, who co-led the workshop, with AnneMarie Andrishak:
Workshop in progress

Anne Marie and I lead the Headdress workshop this past Saturday at Cityscape.   We didn't know what to expect.  The gallery told us the usual turnout for their workshops averaged 20 participants.   We had around 30 ranging from children as young as four  to adults (some artists).  While we cut out a few forms for them, they were like butterflies coming out of cocoons and  took off with their own ideas (some using inspiration from the exhibit) working very intensely on their projects.  They rummaged around the fabrics, fake furs, etc. that we brought to come up with some really creative headdresses.  We finally had to shoo some of them out the door at closing time with fabric in their hands….they could have kept going.  A big part of the success was the variety of materials we put together--women were positively fawning over the  printed fabrics, our leftovers from Cap College.   Everyone enjoyed themselves.

A sampling of some of the creations made during the workshop:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Talking Heads, A Contemporary Look at Headdresses - more images from the exhibition

Kathy Ainscough 
Click on images for a larger view.
SDA BC website - click here

Talking Heads, A Contemporary Look at Headdresses

July 26 – September 7, 2013 at Cityscape Community Art Space, 335 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC. Gallery hours: Mon-Sat 12-5.

S. Warmington - Archetype Amazon
S. Warmington - Archetype Bishop
Here are a few more images from the Talking Heads exhibition, sent by Cityscape Gallery. Apparently they have had a great response to the show. Be sure to get there to see each piece up close and personal, if you can.
Jessica de Haas
Transformation Through Breath
Angelika Werth - The Abbess
Anne Marie Andrishak - Veiled

Friday, August 2, 2013

Talking Heads, A Contemporary Look at Headdresses - images from the exhibition opening

Click on images for a larger view.
SDA BC website - click here

Talking Heads, A Contemporary Look at Headdresses
July 26 – September 7, 2013 at Cityscape Community Art Space, 335 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC. Gallery hours: Mon-Sat 12-5.

The Opening Reception was held on Thursday, July 25 from 7-9 pm and there was a great turnout. Guy Heywood, the Acting Mayor, City of North Vancouver, was in attendance to officially open the show, and a few words were added by Jennifer Love and Ros Aylmer, about the SDA and the inspiration for the show.

Follow this link to view a few other images of the opening reception photos:
Congratulations to Ellen Hamilton for her “Warrior Goddess”  as she was the recipient of the Surface Design Association Award of Excellence.

Tristan Pearson
Some photos of the exhibition pieces and the opening reception follow (apologies - I didn't manage to get pictures of all the headdresses, but will post more pics soon):  

Angelika Werth
Kathy Ainscough
Anne Marie Andrishak
Linda Coe - winner of Curator's Honourable Mention
Brigitte Rice
Connie Chapman

Elif Akcali (from Florida)

Julie Pongrac

Crowd scene at opening reception
Participating Artists:
Kathleen Ainscough
Elif Akcal
Anne Marie Andrishak
Constance Chapman
Linda Coe
Jessica De Haas
Ellen Hamilton
Anni Hunt
Tristan Pearson
Julie Pongrac
Brigitte Rice
Cynthia Serfes
Shawna Warmington
Angelika Werth

Sunday, July 7, 2013

SDA Conference in San Antonio - SDA Members' Show

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SDA BC website - click here

In early June, eight BC Surface Design Association members attended the SDA conference in San Antonio. A number of people took workshops (some of them took a workshop before AND after the conference weekend!) and some just attended the exhibition tour, lectures, vendor fair, trunk show, fashion show and member meetings. I think it's fair to say that we all came away feeling inspired, recharged and eager to get on with some new creative endeavours.

Congratulations to Connie Chapman, from Sechelt on BC's Sunshine Coast, who won the JOY STOCKSDALE BEST in SHOW award at the SDA Members' Show. This exhibition was open to all SDA members, with a format restriction in that each piece had to be mounted on a 12" x 12" x 1 1/2" stretched canvas. It was a very strong show with lots of wonderful work from all over the world, so this is a significant feather in her cap. 

The images below show some other award winners, and then entries by BC artists, then a few others from various locations. If you are a BC artist who sent in a piece and you don't see it here, please send me an image via my email and I will add it. We were rushed through the last part of the show, so I might have missed one or two.
I will post images of other exhibitions at the conference, next time.

Other Award Winners:
Adrienne Sloan
Sharron Parker
Katherine W. Davis
SDA BC Members:
Susan Stewart
Jennifer Love

Linda Coe
Fiona Duthie

Judy MacLeod
Shamina Senaratne

Other SDA Members (worldwide) - some favourites:

Candace Edgerley
Darcy Croshaw

Dominie Nash
Gwen Lowery

Didn't get this name
Terry Jarrard-Dimond