Sunday, August 22, 2010

Surface Design Events in BC for August, September, October 2010 and beyond

Website for this group:

The last Vancouver Surface Design meeting took place at the home of Susan James in downtown Vancouver, June 28th, 2010. Entries for the Exquisite Corpse show were handed in and Jennifer Love gave a presentation about the Reinvention Conference (SDA/SAQA) held in San Francisco in March 2010. The next meeting will be on Wed, Sept 15th – venue TBA. Contact Jennifer for info about meetings.

Vancouver Island Surface Design (including members from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands) also meets on a regular basis. Their first exhibition, Current Threads, is showing at the Ladysmith Art Gallery, for the month of August, 2010. Please contact Susan Purney-Mark for more info.

The last Sunshine Coast Surface Design meeting took place at FibreWorks Gallery in Pender Harbour on June 23, 2010 – we viewed the new exhibition by thr3fold (Catherine Nicholls, Linda & Laura Kemshall), and enjoyed a presentation by batik artist Els van Baarle (from the Netherlands). The next meeting will be held on Wed, Sept 8th, at the home of Pat Crucil in Sechelt. Jennifer Love will give a presentation about the Reinvention Conference (SDA/SAQA) held in San Francisco in March 2010. Contact Jennifer for info.


Members of the BC SDA have invited other artists to participate in the exhibition The Game: Another Take on the Exquisite Corpse, which will take place September 23 – November 7, 2010 at Leigh Square Arts Village Gallery, Port Coquitlam. Opening reception: Sept 25, 2-4pm

The show will later tour to the following venues:
May 7 – June 12, 2011: FibreWorks Studio/Gallery, Pender Harbour
Sept 13-18, 2011: Seymour Art Gallery, Deep Cove, North Vancouver
At all three venues, we plan to include a ‘Community Participation Project” where members of the public will be given the opportunity to create their own Exquisite Corpses.

The Leigh Square Arts Village Gallery will also be showing Slice, an exhibition of new work by one of our members, Wendy Browne, concurrently with The Game.

 KUDOS to some of our Members:

Jean Curry has been invited to be a guest artist at the 4th annual Lynwood House Art Experience, September 19th from 1 pm till 5 pm, in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. It is a fund raiser that helps the Lynwood House Ministries continue their mission to help women, primarily from the Downtown Eastside, that are having difficulties in their lives.

Yvonne Wakabayashi is involved in three upcoming exhibitions: 
·         October 14, 2010 - February 13, 2011:” Textile Jewellry Exhibition”; Musee-des-Tissus/Artefact Gallery/Prince Gallery 34, 70, 53 rue de la Charite, Lyon, France  
·         July/August 2011:” Love Lace International Lace Exhibition”; Powerhouse Museum Science & Design, Sydney, Australia; Over 700 entries from 33 countries ...all media included.
·         September 11, 2010 - October 31, 2010: “Fibreworks 2010”; Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Ontario

Titles:   Gunma Silk Seaforms; Pina fibre Seaforms I

Linda Wallace has had an article published about her buried/reclaimed/stitched tapestries - work she's been doing in a loose collaboration with Dorothy Clews, in Australia – in Fiberarts,  Summer 2010, pp 46-49.  "Earthy Aesthetics" by Mary Lane.

The Exposure section of both the Summer and Fall issues of the Surface Design Journal will feature selected work by the 14 Canadian SDA members who participated in Unity and Diversity, in Korea and again in Vancouver.  Jane Kenyon's piece, Fracture, is featured in their newsblog, which has just recently gone live:

Artists who took part in the 2009 Hanji paper fashion show, held on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, have been invited to send their paper fashions to Korea, for the Stream of Hanji Fashion exhibition, to be held in Jeon-ju, Korea, in October 2010. Participating artists include Brigitte Rice, Anne Marie Andrishak, Ros Aylmer, Dorothy Cross, Jo Anne Ryeburn, Rene Evans, Cathie Barr, Monica Brammer, and Dawn Russell.
The Jeon-ju Hanji Fashion Association, which is sponsoring the exhibition,  was created 13 years ago to support and promote the work of artists working with traditional handmade Korean paper, Hanji, which is made from the inner bark of mulberry trees.


August 2-28, 2010: Current Threads. Work by SDA members from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Ladysmith Waterfront Art Gallery, 610 Oyster Bay Dr., 250-245-1252; Opening reception: August 7, 5-8pm.

September 24 - 26, 2010, 10am – 4pm: Common Threads, the Twisted Fibre Studio Tour, Vancouver, BC.
Common Threads, the Twisted Fibre Studio Tour is participating in Culture Days, September 24-26, 10am-4pm. This cultural event features artists and arts communities from across Canada. Invited guest artists will participate in this the studio tour - they will exhibit and discuss their works along side Julie Pongrac, Michelle Sirois-Silver, and Judy Villett. Visit the blog for more details as the event dates approach. IMAGE COMING

Fall, 2010: Maiwa has now posted the info on their annual fall workshop series – check their website:

The following events are also happening at FibreWorks Gallery/Studio/Workshop in Pender Harbour. More info: 604-883-2380 or e-mail Website:

Aug 07 – Sept 12, 2010 – “Synthesis” – Studio Art Quilters Association (SAQA), at FibreWorks Gallery. Exhibition of contemporary art quilts. Opening reception: Sat, Aug 07, 2-4pm. Website:

Aug 28, 2010: Workshop with Joanne Waters at FibreWorks: “Bull Kelp Baskets”

Sept. 4, 2010: Workshop  with Ros Aylmer at FibreWorks: “Singing the Blues – Again!: Indigo and Woad Vat Dyeing”

Sept 18-Nov 07, 2010 – “Surface Design: Alaska” Exhibition of work by members of the Surface Design Association in Alaska, at FibreWorks. Opening reception: Sat Sept 18, 2-4pm. IMAGE COMING

Sep. 21 – Nov. 23: Workshop with Penny Allport: “Weaving the Threads of Life;” 6:45 - 9:15 p.m. (alternating between FibreWorks in Pender Harbour and Paradise Found in Wilson Creek): Opening Ceremony – Sun. Sept 19 – 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. at FibreWorks: Closing Ceremony – Sun. Nov. 28 – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. – Paradise Found
To weave the threads of our life’s journey with awareness is to “affect the quality” and the work of art that is our precious human life. Join Penny Allport to open the Eight Gates of Wisdom, gather the threads of inspiration, insight and integration each holds and weave them together into the fabric of your life.  Tend the one thread you “never let go of”, and deepen the embodied wisdom of being fully human. Each week explore one of the gates through inquiry, reflection, simple practices of awareness in daily life and creative explorations.

Oct. 16 – 17: Workshop with Julie Pongrac at FibreWorks: “Complex Fibre Made Simple Using Mushrooms.” Using mushrooms found locally, students will learn how to take one natural dye and explore what can be created from it by altering the dye bath, dying different fibres, blending fibres and colours and plying these in different ways.