Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Green Dress Projekt at Van Dusen Garden

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BC SDA member Dawn Russell sent the following information about an exhibition called The Little Green Dress Projekt by Nicole Dextras - part of the Earth Art exhibition which has been on since September 1st at Van Dusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, BC. It's on until September 30, so it's not too late to see this.

Nicole's work was featured in an article and on the cover of the spring 2012 issue of Surface Design. She is a resident of Vancouver.  

Nicole Dextras dress made/named for Dawn Russell
This dress was named and made for me by Nicole Dextras from materials I provided to her (see detail pics below).  It was installed on Tuesday, August 28 in the Perennial Garden.   It's made from skeletonized and fresh magnolia leaves, ferns, Chinese chestnuts, black mondo grass.  This is just one of the 21 dresses Nicole made as part of her Little Green Dress Projekt  See her blog for photos and details of each of the dresses and the project's sustainability message. 

Earth Art Photos on VanDusen's Facebook page 

Sep 1 - 30, 2012  VanDusen Botanical Garden, 
5251 Oak St (at 37th), Vancouver 

Earth Art. An exhibition by five internationally-renowned artists: Nils-Udo, Urs P. Twellmann, Chris Booth, Nicole Dextras and Michael Dennis, of large installation earth art sculptures throughout the garden.
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