Sunday, October 13, 2013

Exhibitions in BC

SDA BC website - click here

Canadian SDA exhibition for 2015 - there have been some changes to the plans for this exhibition. Thanks very much if you expressed interest in participating - the response has been very enthusiastic. We will be updating you asap.

Ongoing and upcoming in BC
Great show now on - the owner of the Silk Weaving Studio, Diana Sanderson, is an BC SDA member.

Anni Hunt has produced a video of an interview with Eleanor Hannan, whom many of you know either as an artist, friend or teacher. Click here.

As many of you know, Thomas Roach and Sheila Wex gave a presentation last month at the Vancouver SDA meeting, about the Common Threads project. Some of you may be interested in following the progress of that project - check this blog for lots of pics and information. We in the Lower Mainland will have a chance to see the completed masterpieces hanging in the Cathedral, in due course.

Exhibition of work by Elin Noble at FibreWorks Gallery in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast. 
October 5-17, 2013
Website of gallery: click here
Elin's website: click here

Award-winning artist, author, and teacher Elin Noble was inspired to create Vox Stellarum by the 18th century prints of German theologian Jakob Scheucher, who believed science and sacred scriptures were not mutually exclusive. For the series, Noble utilizes the itajime clamp-resist process of folding and clamping the silk organza, then selectively removing the sericin (silk gum). The result: an exquisite interplay between transparency and opaqueness, and a subtle shifting of moiré patterns when pieces are hung together and the cloth gently moves.
“I seek to fill the room with the transformative qualities of cloth in space.” – Elin Noble