Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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Some time ago, a few of our members travelled to the Seattle Art Museum to see an exhibition of Soundsuits by Nick Cave. Click here and here for some websites concerned with his Soundsuits. This is a great YouTube video - many more if you look for them. Our members were blown away by his show, and were particularly inspired by the show's juxtaposition with an exhibition of African masks and headdresses. 
These two exhibitions provided the impetus for our next SDA BC show:

Talking Heads: A Contemporary Take on Headdresses

Call for Submissions:
The North Vancouver Community Arts Council, in partnership with The Surface Design Association, BC, will present Talking Heads, a Contemporary Take on Headdresses, at the Cityscape Community Art Gallery, North Vancouver, from July 26 to Sept 7, 2013. The exhibition opening will be July 25th from 7-9pm.

This juried exhibition will showcase works inspired by historical and/or cultural headdresses. Headdresses, whether practical or ceremonial, have traditionally made a statement about the wearer and their cultural community. Our contemporary take on these historical artifacts will similarly make a statement about ourselves and our own cultural environments, while exploring an exciting diversity of techniques and media, as well as innovative approaches to the theme.

The exhibition is open to fibre artists who are members of the Surface Design Association. Membership information can be found on the SDA website 

Click on the links for the Call for SubmissionsSubmission Guidelines, and Entry Form.  
Questions? Contact Jennifer Cooper