Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Talking Heads: The Workshop at Cityscape Gallery

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Following is a description of the recent workshop held in conjunction with the SDA BC exhibition Talking Heads, which is still on at Cityscape Gallery in North Vancouver. This was written by Brigitte Rice, who co-led the workshop, with AnneMarie Andrishak:
Workshop in progress

Anne Marie and I lead the Headdress workshop this past Saturday at Cityscape.   We didn't know what to expect.  The gallery told us the usual turnout for their workshops averaged 20 participants.   We had around 30 ranging from children as young as four  to adults (some artists).  While we cut out a few forms for them, they were like butterflies coming out of cocoons and  took off with their own ideas (some using inspiration from the exhibit) working very intensely on their projects.  They rummaged around the fabrics, fake furs, etc. that we brought to come up with some really creative headdresses.  We finally had to shoo some of them out the door at closing time with fabric in their hands….they could have kept going.  A big part of the success was the variety of materials we put together--women were positively fawning over the  printed fabrics, our leftovers from Cap College.   Everyone enjoyed themselves.

A sampling of some of the creations made during the workshop: