Sunday, March 6, 2011

A blog update - a new approach!

Rachelle LeBlanc
It has been a while since we had a blog entry. Jennifer is dealing with a very painful shoulder making working on the computer difficult. This seems like the perfect time for us to change the way we work with the blog. Instead of long blog entries that cover many months of the same info that Jennifer sends out in emails, we want more frequent blog postings to take over. For this reason we are urging those on the email list to sign up for the blog. Jennifer will still gather the info, and I will post it to the blog. Please bear with us as we work it out! – Julia Manitius

The next Vancouver SD meeting is scheduled for March 29th.  We will meet in Urbanity where we will have a panel discussion on marketing and selling our work. Please let Jennifer know if you plan to attend, as we need to keep an eye on numbers. More information will be posted by the end of the week. It should be an interesting evening.

The next Sunshine Coast SD meeting is scheduled for March 23rd, at the home of Anne Gregory. Please let Jennifer know if you can or cannot attend, if you are in the Sunshine Coast group. There will be a potluck lunch as usual.

  • Many if you know the work of Isabelle de Borchgrace but have you seen her website?  Pretty amazing!
  • Only two weeks left for Cultural Cloth, an exhibition of world textiles being held at the Gallery at Artisan Square on Bowen Island from the 4th of February to mid-March.
Exquisite Corps Exhibition:

  • The Exquisite Corps Exhibition will soon be hung at FibreWorks in Pender Harbour. If you have your Exquisite Corpse at home, please be sure to complete any repairs needed and get it back to Jennifer or Yvonne Stowell well before the end of March. The show goes from May 7 to June 12th and the opening reception will be May 15 from 2-4pm. It would be great if we had lots of our members there, especially those who have work in the show. It might seem like a long way to travel, but it's completely do-able in a day - make it into an outing (even an overnighter!) with a few others.  Jennifer has rental cabins on her property and there are lots of other places to stay in Pender Harbour too. The Play the Game tables set up again - should be fun.
  • Seymour Art Gallery would like to have artists' CVs/artist statements for the EC exhibition that will be held there in Sept 2011 - so if you are part of The Game, please email Jennifer something. Lots of time but we are all busy and even more so as summer approaches.
FibreAti Exhibition:

"A Hundred Thousand Threads 2"

March 24 - April 6
Open Mon - Sat 10 - 5

Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria
1001 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8W 2C5

FibreAti is a group of 8 fibre artists - Joanne Barnard, Linda Carswell-Bland, Jill Croft, Alison Kermack, Alison Kobylnyk, Dale MacEwan, Judi MacLeod, and Helen Radchuk.  For information call Judi MacLeod at 250.472.2429, or email